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The Return to Work, What Products and Changes Will There Be in the Office?

February 8th 2022
The Return to Work, What Products and Changes Will There Be in the Office?

The thought of going back to work can seem very daunting for many. Yes, lots of people have already made a return to their workplaces however, millions of people are still working (WFH)

If you have not yet made a return to the office, or adopted a hybrid working approach, you may feel anxious and these are some questions you may be thinking; are the correct safety restrictions in place? What does the office look like? Will we have the required office products? It is totally normal to be concerned and worried. These past two years have been challenging for everybody, we have all had to learn and adjust to the new guidelines and practices to keep safe.


Many offices have re-opened since their temporary closures. They have also made lots of adjustments that fall into the Government guidelines and help to keep their employees safe. Some changes include; new floor layouts, signage at the entrance and exit, increased personal storage, desktop protection screens and canteen restrictions. Two years ago, if you entered your office and saw these changes you would think you were going crazy! Nope, you’re not, this is the new normal – for the foreseeable future.

Many workplaces also have coronavirus specific risk assessments and questionnaires put in place. These assist with the return to work and help the employer and company understand the feelings and concerns their staff may have, when it comes to returning to the office.

Below is a visual representation of how a reception area may look as people return to the office in 2022.


There are a variety of different products that the office can supply (many of them will already have these in place on your return), these may include; hand sanitisers (lots of them!), antiviral coronavirus surface cleanser sprays, digital non-contact temperature thermometers, disinfectant wipes, social distancing two-metre floor tape and protection screens around office desks.

There are also items that you can take to work with you. Your office should inform you of all of the new changes and restrictions put in place. However, sometimes it just makes you feel a little more at ease if you have spare, especially if you will be using public transport. This includes; you own sanitiser, anti-bacterial hand wipes, face masks and/or face shield.

Remember, everybody will be experiencing the same thing, you are not alone and the return to the office should be as safe and easy as possible.

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