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The Power of Colour in an Office

General Comments May 3rd 2012

Colour is an immensely powerful tool that can be used in an office to subtly influence your staff and clients positivity. Not only this, but you can use colour to minimise stress levels, improve your staff’s productivity to even be able to influence and inspire creativity.

Using colours correctly when planning your working environment can make all the difference in your office. There are factors that you need to take into account when picking your colours, for example the colours and brand of your company, the office furniture that you already have or perhaps you are thinking of reinvesting in office chairs and office desks.

The use of Black and Grey in an office can tend to make the working environment feel depressive, dull and morbid. Offices used to use these colours in the past because they have the ability to hide stains, as well as being powerful and intimidating. As the years have gone on, companies have realised the importance of staff morale and have moved away from these colours.

A good colour to use in the office is Burgundy. When used in an office environment, the colour exudes an air of power, sophistication and knowledge. Burgundy is a great choice for any company not only for this reason, but it hides stains and dirt easily so it is perfect for companies where this maybe a problem.

The use of the colour Green is an excellent colour for the office as it, when used correctly, can help employees feel more in touch with nature. Green can also bring a sense of optimism, friendliness and generosity. Incorporating Green into the office furniture such as office desks and office chairs can help promote a sense of wellbeing amongst your staff and clients a like.

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