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The New Ergonomic Office Chair… With a Twist

6th September 2011

Throughout the centuries a chair has always be the same. It may have different shapes, however fundamentally it is the same. It will always have a seat and backrest, as this is how we conventionally sit. That is why it may surprise you to discover that a new office chair may change the way that we use our chairs.

Perhaps that this might be an ambitious statement, however this new chair really provokes thoughts about the way we think about ergonomic chairs. I often find that when sitting at my desk, I don’t always lean with my back up against the backrest of my chair. To be honest I spend 90% of the time leaning forward towards the computer with my arms and elbows on the desk. This I am sure is not uncommon in most offices, which is why this new chair made by designer Miray Oktem has caught my eye.

The chair in question is  called the Twist chair and instead of leaning back like you would in any other operator or executive chair you actually lean forward. The Twist chair supports the upper upper chest and the forehead where the shape of the human body is the same for each person. This keeps your neck and upper back straight naturally giving you a healthy posture. The seat actually extends towards the support to create what can only be described as a saddle like shape that transforms into the seat whilst the person is sitting at a lower angle.

The seat is height adjustable, as you would expect with most office chairs, up to 600mm which allows the person to be in an almost standing position. The angle between the centre support and the seat is able to be adjusted between 90 and 135 degrees. In order to keep the chair balanced, as the person on the chair leans forward, the chair is able to slide on a rail so the user doesn’t topple forward. The seat height, support height and forehead support height are all adjustable.



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