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The Muvman Rival to the Sway Stool

28th October 2011

On the 27/10/2011 I attended the WEP 2011 Workplace Ergonomics & Productivity exhibition in London, to find the latest in ergonomic products available on the market today. Having written previously about the sway stool, I was able to actually test the sway stool to see what I thought; however there was a similar style ergonomic stool that caught my eye that would closely rival the sway and that is the Muvman.

Manufactured in Germany, like the sway stool, the muvman is designed to tilt towards you and to relieve pressure off the legs and thigh areas whilst standing. As well as this (which the sway stool does not advertise) is that this stool can be used in the lower position so you can sit on it and it actually acts like an ergonomic chair.

I found that in all honesty, I preferred the Muvmand ergonomic chair for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that the Muvman has a larger base than the sway and I found that  when leaning forward on the sway stool, it was very easy to lean too far with the base coming off the floor. This doesn’t happen with the Muvman as the base is larger and as the stool is tilted in the beginning, the base is able to balance and stay on the floor.

Secondly as previously mentioned the Muvman has a greater height adjustment level, meaning that it can be used as an office chair or café chair, depending on where it is. This also makes the stool very portable as demonstrated, it is easy to carry and can be placed in the boot of any car.

Finally, I simply preferred the look of the stool. The sway stool has a very simple design, however if you didn’t know it’s function, you wouldn’t be able to work it out when you see it. With the Muvman, it is simply self-explanatory. With regards to its aesthetics, it is very subjective however in my opinion, the Muvman wins every time.


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