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The Most Popular Office Chair – Aeron

October 8th 2012

Studies suggest that we spend on average 14 hours per day sitting in the office. You know that the chair you sit on may not be right for you, when you have to use pillows, or an added lumbar support when sitting on your chair as it is that uncomfortable.

A recent survey, carried out by “lifehacker” suggests that it is the classic Herman Millar Aeron office chair that is the most popular. The office chair vote included best price, health saving, and comfort.

42% of the people that voted concluded that the Aeron was the best office chair. It is actually quite surprising that with the increase for the need in ergonomic furniture, and the amount of different chair designs available, that the most popular ergonomic swivel chair is actually a chair that was designed and produced 18 years ago!

Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf for Herman Millar, these chairs have earned a rightful place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. When released in 1994 it was met with somewhat scepticism. The chair was believed to be ugly, and the mesh design was unlike any of the chairs seen before.

It is odd how nowadays a design like this has actually come back into fashion when it was once thought of as ugly. The chair is multi adjustable and due to its changes in design, is also 94% recyclable.

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