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The Modern Office is Getting Smaller… But More Fun?

General Comments January 30th 2013

Having talked in previous blogs about the change in office design, chiefly from the cubicle style offices to the more open plan style of today, it also seems that the offices of present are also getting smaller, but more fun.

There are many reasons for this but just taking a look at a cross section of the types of offices; there are two schools of thought. Many businesses are making use of not only an open plan arrangement, but are also using hot desking as a way to allow their employees to work from home. Hot desks are designed specifically for use in offices that have different numbers of office workers needing to work at different times and not necessarily every day. This means that they can use any of these desks. This in itself eliminates the need for office space to accommodate every individual every day and with the price of renting office space so high, more and more companies are looking to reduce their floor space.

On the other side, the larger companies that tend to have a younger workforce such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, are creating office spaces are not too far away from an ideal environment to live in. For example taking a look inside the offices of Facebook, we can clearly see that like most companies they have opted for an open plan environment. However not only this, they have also included some extras like music mixing decks, chill out zones and in some offices even bars and gyms. These types of offices have been designed to try and keep their staff in the office and not give them a reason to go home. Not only this but creating a nice space for them to work in will help to increase staff morale and ultimately productivity. Now that’s something to think about…

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