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The Happy Office Chair

New Products August 20th 2012

There is much talk about office furniture ergonomics within the industry and there are many office furniture manufacturers that claim that they have the solution. The reality is that this is not the case as even to this day, we are seeing an increase in work related injuries due to bad posture and long hours spent sitting in the office chairs.

A doctor from America appears to have created a unique office chair that doesn’t have a back or armrests; it just has a seat that is split in the middle and work independently from each other. The carbon seat has been made from the same material that is used in Formula One car production.

The “ultimate” office chair was developed at MIT, an American university that has been commended for its academics. The chairs design focuses on movements of the body and helps the user with their posture as well as also helping to relax.

The chair gives the user a sense of weightlessness, which helps to eliminate pressure on vital organs which in turn gives the user a better performance, creativity and also helps with their mood.

The chair is not your average cheap office chair. Currently the chair is sold at £5,400 ($8450) but even this price tag hasn’t hindered the popularity of the chair.

This ergonomic office chair is not designed specifically for office workers, but it has also proven popular with other professions that require long sitting hours, For example, doctors and dentists.

The chair is not just for your body’s physical happiness, but also your mental happiness also. If this chair lives up to its hype, then we could possibly see these chairs being used in many offices and other professions as a means of helping staff to be healthier as well as happier.

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