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The Future Office and the Furniture

3rd October 2012

The way that we work in offices or perhaps even outside the office has changed dramatically in such a small space of time. It used to be that the idea of going to work meant workers would co0mmute to get to a building where they were assigned a small area, office desk and office chair where they would stay for the duration of their time until he end of the working day. Now with the increase in technology, we are finding more and more office workers are working remotely or from home. So how will the way we work change in the next 20 years. Ryan Anderson, director of future technology at office furniture giant Herman Miller voices his opinion.

It seems that the way we work today means that we can choose, when, where and how we work but there will also be another influence emerging from an unlikely source. It seems that online gaming has caused a new method of working. Online gamers have been able to virtually match their skills with other players in order to work as a team to reach a goal, whether that is to defeat a boss or to collect an item. The interesting thing about this is that the players often haven’t even met each other.

After observing and studying how gamers work and play, leaders in HR will began to adopt this method by creating project-based prototypes in work was structured like games.

Technology will become more advanced that we will more likely be wearing technology so that they will automatically be connected when they enter the group or private workspace.

Holography will eventually replace the video conference calling bring us back to a more face to face conversation even though the two people maybe the other side of the world from us.

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