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The “Big Brother” of Cafés

16th February 2012

Cafes and bistros are predominantly used to relax and chill out.  Not only is it important to create an ambiance for people that enter these establishments, but in order to keep their custom you want them to return. Café furniture is one way that you can aesthetically create a visually pleasing area. Not only this but you can make an area comfortable and relaxing by making sure that the café chairs and café tables that you buy are comfortable.

One of the things (in my opinion) that you don’t want when sitting in a café is to have no control over furniture, music and even lights of the café that you are in. There is a café in Helsinki that does just that, users can log on to the website, view the café and its occupiers and manipulate the café furniture for their own amusement.

The idea behind this café was to promote design, in particular to outline the importance of good design. The café was built with bad design faults including a tissue dispenser that cannot dispense tissues properly, among other items.

Not only this but internet users can log on and adjust the height of the cafe chairs and tables and watch online via multiple live streaming cameras how the customer reacts to that manipulation of the furniture.

The café in question is called Kauko, and was made in a studio called Perfect Fools that is based in Stockholm and Amsterdam.

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