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Tom Pellereau – What Happened to his Ergonomic Chair?

General Comments November 27th 2012

In 2011 the winner of the Apprentice was Tom Pellereau and his winning idea was an ergonomic chair. This may not seem like the invention of the year and would struggle to see how Lord Sugar would find this an attractive business proposition, and you would be right to think that as he didn’t. It wasn’t really the chair that Lord Sugar was interested in or the potential he saw within Tom, it was his inventive mind and the fact he already had an established product.

Never the less Tom’s view and opinion about trying to create a more pleasurable and more comfortable working environment is still valid, it’s just that the idea of an ergonomic office chair was nothing new.

Ergonomic office chairs have been around for decades and are constantly evolving to suit our working patterns. It will probably not come as a shock to you, that our working hours on the whole are increasing, and this has a direct link to the increase in work related injuries, including back ache, neck ache and shoulder strain.

Something that Tom failed to realise is that you could have the most ergonomic chair in the world, one that has the most comfortable foam cushioning, the most variable functions and the heaviest price tag; it is still up to how the person uses the chair.

When buying an ergonomic chair, don’t be mistaken in thinking that this will be the solution to your back pain or any other of your problems, office furniture itself can only go so far. Like any piece of equipment, office chair or not, if it is not used correctly then the chances are you are not going to get the full benefit, if any at all. It is important to remember this next time that you purchase any ergonomic office furniture.

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