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The Age of Smarter Furniture

General Comments August 16th 2012

It appears that at present, the need for a stationary office is becoming less. What I mean by this is that more and more people are using smartphones and computer tablets to do their daily work, whether they are sitting at their home office desk or on a café chair in a café, the fact that they are able to do this is a great achievement in modern technology.

The question is, how is this affecting the sales of office furniture? The truth is that sales of office furniture, office desks in particular such as corner desks, have been on the decline in the past decade, however in the recent years, there has been a steady increase in sales of bench systems, café seating and easy chairs. The main reason for this is that companies feel that buy using this type of office furniture; they can help their employees to collaborate better and to brainstorm freely.

Steelcase, one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture have been around for 100 years this year have seen the trends of office furniture from their beginnings. Steelcase have a research team that consists of 23 employees that conduct surveys, film activities that occur within the office as well as using sensors that detect workers use of the different rooms and the furniture that is within them.

One noticeable trend that appears to be emerging, particularly among large corporate businesses is collaboration via video conferencing. In a world where we have smartphones that are capable of video calls, the idea of video conferencing within the office has been smashed out of the water with video conferencing now being able to take place anywhere.

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