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The 5 Most Common Hardwoods Used in Office Furniture

General Comments October 24th 2011

Office furniture can be made from many different materials, however the best material to use is hardwoods because even though they are very expensive, they are the most durable and come in a wide range of colours to suit any environment. They can also be stained to order as well which increases the functionality of them. Below is a list of the top five hardwoods in no particular order.

1. Oak

Oak is one of the most common hardwoods used in the office furniture industry. It is known for its strength and has a very unique grain which adds to its appeal. Both red oak and white oak are used as its durability is an advantage however oak can be very expensive. This wood can be used to make bookcases and cupboards as well as office desks.

2. Walnut

Walnut is another wood that is very durable and very long lasting if proper care is taken to treat the wood. The colour of this wood can vary from a chocolate brown to having purple or brown streaks in the grain. Like oak it is very strong and can be used to make a lot of furniture items including pedestals. Unfortunately like oak it is a very expensive wood.

3. Cherry

This wood is known for its distinctive look and deep colour. This wood can range from light to dark brown yet always has a red tint to it to its appeal. Usually used for executive furniture for people of authority as it is very expensive but can be polished to give a professional look. Once again this wood is very durable and is very long lasting if proper care is taken to treat it.

4. Beech

The most common laminate version of all the hardwoods used, this wood is the most expensive of the 5 woods described as it is very rare yet desirable. It can range from light to dark brown and can contain red streaks. It is bendable so is easy to work with which adds to the advantages of this wood. The laminate copies of this wood are not only used for making office furniture but café furniture as well for example café tables and café chairs.

5. Ash

This wood varies in colour, from white to grey and often have light brown or reddish tints and is also bendable making it easy to work with. This wood is moderately expensive, but will last if care is taken to preserve the wood.

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