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Temporary Cubicles for the Open Office

17th September 2012

As previously outlined in many of my previous blogs, I have talked about the increase in the popularity of open plan offices. There are a few reasons for this increase in popularity, the first being that companies and businesses are looking to increase the productivity, efficiency and teamwork among their staff. This is a great way to do this as there are no high screens separating people, which ultimately will encourage teamwork.

Bench systems have become the preferred choice in open plan offices. A bench system is a group of desks that are joined together by a single frame. This can be 4, 6 or 8 desks depending on your preference and some bench systems even come with desktop screens to separate the desks.

There are also disadvantages to open plan offices that I have talked about in previous blog posts. Privacy is a major disadvantage to the open plan office as studies suggests that this is actually a major cause of heightened stress levels in the work place. Another major influence is the amount of noise pollution in open plan offices. There is a product soon coming to the market that will hopefully help to alleviate these problems.

BuzziSpace is a company that manufacture office furniture that has acoustic properties that have been designed to absorb sound using their own unique 100% recyclable and up-cycled fabric. Their new product, the BuzziTemp has been designed to be folding temporary cubicles that make can be used for hot desking. The BuzziTemp not only creates a little space for you to work, but also has acoustic properties to help absorb sound so that you can work in a more peaceful and relaxed environment to help you to concentrate and get on completing your tasks each day.


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