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Technology is Creating a Mobile Workforce

General Comments, Industry News December 2nd 2011

It used to be that when we thought about an office, images of a small cubicle surrounded by freestanding screens a small office desk or workstation and a standard operator chair would be all that an employee would have. Nowadays though with the increase in the quality and intelligence of technology, workforces are becoming more and more mobile.

Just being able to answer the phone and check your emails without being in the office, does not necessarily mean that you are mobile. In order for you to be classed as “mobile working” you have to be able to be just as productive as you are sitting at your desk.

There are arguments for and against whether being mobile improves productivity. Some argue that being able to access work related tools actually does increase productivity, however everyone needs switch off and being constantly available could possibly reduce the level of productivity over time.

Technology is playing a very important role in people’s lives. People are getting busier and crave flexibility, which is what new technology aims to do. We have made use of 3G technology and now find it hard to see how we can function without it.

It is quite justified to say that technology advancements have helped pave the way for more and more people being able to work from home in their home offices. The argument for this is that people that work from home are less productive as they may not be in the best environment to work due to the distractions in the house. Some also say that it can be quite intrusive as they want to be able to separate their home life from their work ones; however some feel that having the ability to work whenever is better for them as they might feel that they can work more efficiently in the evening. It depends on the person, but as time goes on the technology that we use day by day will increase in quality and functionality and we will see changes in the way we work.

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