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Sketch Chair: The Chair Designed by You

10th September 2012

Looking for new cafe furniture or chairs that would suit your space but can’t find the right design for you? Well now you can design your own chair simply and easily with a 2D design software and have it manufactured exactly to your specifications. This is the Sketch Chair.

Although only funded and not yet complete, Sketch Chair will allow users of all computer literacy abilities to design their own chair using a completely free open-source software tool.

The 2D software will allow you to easily design the shape of the chair no matter how wacky or interesting the design and allow you to easily manipulate the height and depth of the chair as well as the chairs design once the outline has already been drawn.

But what happens if I design the chair and it arrives but I can’t sit on it because there are flaws in the design? The software will also include a function to allow you to create an accurate representation of yourself and use this to test the chair.

The finished sketch can be saved in in the open source archive so others can see your design, gain inspiration, use or manipulate your design. The chair is then made and cut to the exact specifications and delivered to you flat packed for easy assembly without the use of glue or nails.

This type of software can be used for educational purposes as well as for the consumer market. Students can use this to learn about design and also in some respects the physics of furniture. Not only this but when the chairs have been manufactured, these can also be used as education chairs for the students to sit on. As of yet, plans to expand into the commercial side for example to make café chairs have not yet been released, but this may very well be the next step.

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