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Practical Uses for Folding Furniture

Company News October 17th 2014

At Online Reality we strive to provide you (our customers) with in depth help and advice in order to answer any potential questions you may have. We endeavour to create a detailed evaluation of the benefits of your chosen furniture product, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether it is the product for you, in this case we are looking at folding furniture.

Bearing the above in mind, I thought I’d write a blog highlighting the benefits of folding furniture within particular business sectors, giving you an in-depth insight into the products which are available throughout our vast range and how they can benefit you!

Foldaway school furniture

Getting the right furniture within a school is paramount. Schools have a number of different activities going on throughout the day from the very first bell. The continuous change somewhat increase the stress levels of the staff involved who are forever on the go. Folding furniture aims to alleviate part of that stress by providing all the things you need from furniture within the educational sector, flexibility, durability and practicality. Children won’t care what table and chair they’re sitting on. However, you do! It’s a practical solution for the people that have to manoeuvre it, especially in the education sector where every day is a constant battle against time.

With the news that children in the first years of school are now entitled to free school meals, the need for extra space is critical and folding furniture will make the best use of any given space. Our Gopak range is of the highest quality, combining style with functionality. The lightweight design allows you to freely move the tables to a given location with consummate ease. Heavy lifting is the last thing you need after a hectic lunchtime.

Practical approach to community centre/halls furniture

Community centres are probably one of the main benefactors from the upsurge and increased awareness of folding furniture and its benefits. With a constant change in events and the participants, folding furniture provides you with an effortless customisable space. Take our highly rated Axis folding table range (shown below) for example. Our Axis range sits at the top of versatility totem pole. With a number of shapes and sizes available, this range really has everything you need when it comes to purchasing folding tables. The range not only ticks the combination boxes, the range is also available in 6 different finishes. Never has furniture been so customisable.

Storage is of vital importance within community centres. We have an array of table trolleys which take away the heavy lifting element of the process when moving the tables from the hall into the storage area.

Practical Uses for Folding Furniture image 1

Building a flexible office space

The need for folding furniture within an office space environment may not be at the top of your thought list. The standard office desk is irreplaceable, but are you fully utilising the other space you have? Meetings often differ in personal size meaning that 4 people could be sat at a meeting table which seats 16. I’ll set up a small scenario for you. You have a potentially lucrative conference within your business where a projector is needed. You have 16 attendees due at the meeting and you have a meeting table which sits 16 people. You think to yourself "that’s fine we have enough chairs and we have enough room". WRONG!! You may have everything you need in terms of furniture and space, but what about the people with their back to the projector? Do you expect them to make notes on their lap? Turning round every 5 minutes to sip their water. I didn’t think so! You can shape your furniture around the meeting not letting the furniture shape your meeting!!

That’s why our extensive range of deluxe folding tables is so stirring. Businesses are now able to furnish their office spaces in a way that guarantees easy customisation and validates a sense of elegant quality.

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