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Planning Your Space for a Small Office

General Comments September 19th 2011

It is worth noting that the number of small businesses is on the rise, in fact almost 90% of UK companies have less than 10 employees. With this in mind, there are a huge range of office furniture solutions available when planning or designing your office layout. Many retailers offer a design service for an extra charge or even, Office Reality is a particular example, for free. It can be worth investing in these expertises as they can help with office desk or workstation configurations to helping create a space that reflects who you are as a business. However if you opt to not use any help, here are a few tips to help make your office space work harder for you.

One of the first things to mention when trying to save space is to keep things simple. One way is to find office desks or workstations that have matching storage solutions. This can be a desk that has the option of having an attachable under desk pedestal or desk height pedestal. Also there are lots of ranges that have matching storage options so aesthetics aren’t a problem.

Office storage and in most cases desks as well should be put against the wall, to maximise the floor space. It might be an idea to use shelves that attach to the wall instead of a tambour cupboard to help save floor space or even cabinets that fit to the wall.

Another way to save space might be to use storage as a way to divide a room or use something similar. As you need to have the bookshelf or cabinet anyway, perhaps this might alleviate the need for a screens or dividers.

Finally it is very important that you plan the design of your office before you fit the furniture, one piece of advice is once you have a plan on paper, it is a good idea to mark out the plan on the floor with tape so you can see physically the space that you have to play with.

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