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Operator Chairs for Kids and Teens

New Products February 6th 2012

When we think about operator chairs never seem to think about the children. There aren’t that many ranges out there for kids and teens, and very little in the way of ergonomics. Having mentioned countless times about the importance of ergonomics in the office, I felt it is about time that we look towards ergonomic seating for children. Children, especially at an early age grow at different rates and come in all shapes and sizes so it is hard to try and find ergonomic furniture that will suit all.

With the invention of computers and the rate at which technology is becoming more and more advanced, office workers are spending more and more time at their office desks as well as on the computer sitting in their office chairs. It is no surprise then that this form of work is being passed down to schools and colleges with more and more children and teenagers preferring to do homework and work while at school on computers. Gone are the days that we used to spend hours writing essays with just pen and paper having to start again if there were too many mistakes. Nowadays it is computers that are reigning the school work world.

If this is the case then schools should be looking to invest their budgets on better computer swivel chairs more than anything else. The problem with computer chairs for schools is that they need to be made tamperproof thus meaning that the complete adjustability of the chair is compromised. With this in mind however manufacturers are looking at better ways to come up with solutions to these.

Online Reality has a range of children’s swivel chairs that are not only tamperproof but provide comfort and flexibility at a low price. Some of the chairs feature a mesh back that is breathable and comfortable to sit on and will not restrict the child. Click here to view the range.

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