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Open Plan Reception Design

Industry News March 18th 2015

Reception areas always used to be the part of the office that was forgotten amongst the melee of office design and all that came with it. But, over the years, the reception area has clambered its way up the importance ladder when it comes to office fit-out and renovations. Why…?? That’s simple - the reception area provides your customers and potential business associates with their first opionion they have of your business. If put together correctly, the room can have a powerful positive impact on anyone that steps foot through your front door. In business, people do judge a book by its cover and if you fail to portray your business' image correctly in the first instance, then a potentially lucrative deal could effectively be over before talks have begun.

No one would want to go to heaven if the pearly gates were replaced with goblins now would they??

I’ve covered reception design in previous blogs, today I want to look at a new style of reception design which seems to be taking off in the UK – The Open Plan Reception Area.

Open Plan Office Design - The Future

Working in the office furniture industry, it’s very interesting watching design trends emerge and fizzle out within a matter of months. However, the one we can’t seem to shake off is ‘Open Plan Office Design’ and this is now spreading into the reception areas. We are in a world where open plan office design is becoming the model for new businesses and where flexible working is becoming more and more common. Companies are now removing the typical “front of house” area and looking to incorporate a more open plan and proficient space that can be used for multiple activities from breakout areas to dining spaces as well as welcoming visitors/clients. This design format makes visitors feel comfortable and gives them an experience of the work culture and of the company, rather than sitting them in a reception reading last years “hello magazine” and shepherding them straight through to a meeting room.

Taking all the above into account, it’s important not to lose the company’s brand distinctiveness. The reception area, not essentially a desk, is the first interaction a visitor has with the company no matter the design format so the new area needs to represent the brand visually.

No doubt ‘Open Plan Design’ is here to stay, with so many companies modelling their businesses around its framework, however, this is another string to its already unrivalled bow. Aesthetic, clean, glossed office furniture is now sweeping through offices across the UK and this trend (I believe) is set to continue that.

So, whether you want to re-think your reception space entirely or reduce the space dedicated to the area through office interior design, our highly trained project management/design team will have something which will not only be best suited to your needs, but, more importantly to your clients/visitor’s needs.

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