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Open Plan Offices May Not be for Everyone

10th May 2012

Unfortunately for the law firm, it didn’t quite work out how they intended it to. Thomas Tuft, director of the firm “We had a receptionist and secretary sharing a workstation, the one with the biggest voice could be heard on the other's phone calls and in attorney offices by clients on the phone with the attorneys. If two people had to take a call simultaneously, they were forced to whisper.”

It is for this reason that even though it was an expensive and risky move, the law firm decided to reconfigure their office desks and reassign their office chairs. They built fixed partitions, separated the open plan office and created individual offices for their employees.

Tuft spoke again about the office once work had been completed "Everyone is more productive and can close the door and focus when they need to. Employees who have their own office feel like they can make it their own and do things to make it their space, and they are more comfortable."

Tuft and Lach is just an example of certain companies that are finding this form of office layout a problem. It can be quite costly if you get it wrong. After installing open plan seating and open plan office desks and realising this is not the layout you want after, makes the office furniture redundant. This can be a huge expense to swallow before you have even started on building the partitions. It is advised then that you really think about the type of company you are before you reorganise your office.

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