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Olympic organisers agressively rip signs down

2nd August 2012

But one person has been let down by the big hype .Martin Barnett invested £150,000 to create the furniture for Forman's Fish a pop up restaurant that will be set up for the duration of the Olympic games just outside the park.

When the games come to an end Mr Barnett is planning on selling the furniture in which 20% of proceeds will be going to charity.

But Mr Barnett has been let down by the Olympic officails when all his signs where ripped down by officials from Locog. According to Mr Barnett.

'we just wanted to put a sign up and they came and ripped it down' he said.

'we were meant to be making money that is what everybody is doing .Everyone is meant to make money out of the Olympics, not just people in the park.' As we said the Olympics is a great time to get your business up and running. There are many people out and about ready to buy some souvenirs maybe some food and this a great opportunity to advertise , so why do people have to prevent this and leave it only to people in the park to make the money?

Money is how people survive and this company is not only making money for itself but for charities.'We are doing our bit and we have gone and put the signs up so people are aware - if you want to buy a chair or something you can buy it here and some of the money will go to charity.' we are preventing people from helping others who are less fortunate.

The original Forman's was situated on the site of the Park so was actually part of the park and forced to move to the nearby Lea Valley by Games organisers so the stadium and its surrounds could be built. So not only have their signs been ripped down they where originally on the site and have been moved also.

Boris Johnson Mayor of London was asked about the occurrence earlier on the radio what  his views were on the situation: "That's outrageous. Oh dear. I will immediately get on to it, I will find out if that is true. Lance is the great salmon king, he is the man. Get to Lance Forman's right by the Olympic park, you've got a view over the canal into the Olympic park."

"He's a great entrepreneur I hope that's not true I'll find out if it is true"

This just shows even the mayor sees this as an unfair problem that should never of happened. We should help those helping others it is only fair. The thing is, people don't have to give money to charities , so when they do we need to appreciate what they have done and give encouragement to others. Money is very valuable and if we can do anything to help people who are in need even If it is a sign that will encourage this then that is what we should do. Encourage not deter.


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