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Office World Records…

August 14th 2013

In previous blogs I have written about world records in the fields of office furniture, from the tallest filing cabinet to the world’s largest office chair. When looking for inspiration for this blog I stumbled across a website called “Record Setter” that allows you to upload video evidence and pictures of you completing a world record of your choice, and it can be anything!

Sure enough by simply typing in office furniture, I found a list of 15 different world records that involve either office furniture or activities taking place in the office. Amongst these 15 were some of the more obvious such as “Most Office Chair Spins in 30 Seconds” (45 spins), then there were some that were slightly more obscure that was borderline vandalism such as the “Most Red Sticker Dots in an Office Cubicle” (1,987 stickers) or “Most Microsoft Redu Stickers on an Office Window” (52 stickers).

Then there were the really odd ones that no one would attempt due to their ridiculous nature, such as “Most Office Items Covered in Tin Foil” (62 items) to my personal favourite “Most No-Look Banana Peels Thrown in a Trash Can While Sitting in an Office” (2 and a half banana peels) which is essentially throwing a banana peel away with your eyes closed.

This website is a great way for the average joe to become a world record holder. The website itself says that they feel that anyone can be a record holder in just about anything!

Having a look through some of the other world records, it is clear that we as humans have got a very active imagination when it comes to making up world records. Some of the favourites include “Most Snorts in 10 Seconds” and “The Largest Cardboard Fort”. At this rate it looks like we at Office Reality might set our own record in the near future!

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