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Office Workers Eat More on Average Than Other Professions

General Comments August 24th 2011

A startling survey has been released after a Gloucester-based HR Consultancy company, called Reabur investigated into the eating habits of office workers and people in different professions. The results concluded that on average, the office worker consumes 700 calories more than the average person within other commercial sectors. To burn just the extra 700 calories, depends on your weight and how fast you walk, but to get some idea you would have to walk 1.5 miles in an hour. This means that you should be walking at about 1.5-2 miles per hour. The speed I am sure would not be a problem for most of us, it’s really the time and distance, considering that this is just extra calories.

The reason for this can be put down to a number of reasons. The most common is snacking because of boredom. If you look round an office, you will probably find assortments of snacks ranging from sweets to crisps on most of the office desks or workstations. In fact the study found that 26% of people had gained weight when they had joined the office and a further 46% they snack purely out of boredom. So what can we do to try burn off calories while you work or during the day?

There are a few things that you can do; the first and most obvious one would be to start walking or cycling to work where possible. As well as this, it is common knowledge that you burn more calories standing at your desk rather than sitting in your executive chair or office chair. Perhaps maybe investing in a hot desk that you can stand to work, with your employees can take turns in using it.

Another obvious pint might be to take a fitness break rather than going and chilling in the lounge or canteen area. This doesn’t have to be a vigorous workout, but a few stretches or a short walk will certainly help burn the calories.

Finally it is worth looking at your furniture as there are products on the market that can enable you to burn calories while working. An obvious one of these is the fitness ball chair, which keeps you constantly moving which is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your back.

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