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Office Seating Survey – Our Winners Story

Company News November 24th 2014

Just over a month ago, Online Reality created the 2014 Office Seating Survey, with the intention of gaining an in-depth understanding of how workers perceive their current Office Chair.

As motivation to complete our survey, we offered every participant a place in our prize draw to win the Chiro Ergonomic Task Chair, WORTH £322.

Today is your chance to meet our lucky winner. THIS IS… OUR WINNERS STORY!

It was a dark, damp Friday morning. After completing the obligatory coffee round it was time to draw our winner. The National Lottery’s Camelot had been approached but unfortunately he was otherwise engaged. So, it was left to me. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN was the number drawn. After 30 seconds of searching, I finally found our winner.

Our Winner is Chris Elston from Walsall.

Chris is a 40 year old computer programmer (a lot of time spent sitting down) for South Staffordshire PLC in Walsall.

In November 2013, Chris was involved in a car accident when his stationary car was hit from behind at high speed. After exiting the car, Chris immediately felt a lot of discomfort in the centre of his lower back.

Just over a year on from the accident, Chris continues to have regular physiotherapy, including injections in his spine and hip. The pain is ever present in his back and hip area, especially after driving or sitting at his desk. After 30 – 40 minutes the sheer discomfort becomes unbearable for Chris. It was clear something needed to change.

A few weeks ago Chris’ physiotherapist suggested talking to an occupational therapist about purchasing a new office chair. A consultation took place and recommendations were made. After receiving his new chair, Chris thought he finally had solved the problem but after a couple of hours the pains he became so accustomed to returned.

I kindly asked Chris if he would describe to us how he felt towards his new chair and the survey itself.

This is what he had to say:

"In preparation for the occupational therapist, I had been doing some online research about office chairs, as well as desks and the general working environment. It was this that led me to the Online Reality’s Office Seating Survey. I entered my details, answered the questions and thought nothing more of it until I received an email at the end of last week telling me I had won the chair and asking me to phone up for a chat.

Yesterday the new chair was delivered to my office and it has been an immediate revelation, after taking some time to adjust the many levers and controls to get what seems like the best setup for me.

It is considerably more comfortable than any office chair I can remember having had in the past, but best of all the pain and problems I have been experiencing have drastically reduced. I'm not claiming it has cured me, but the difference is remarkable, and has left me feeling more positive about my injuries, particularly with regards to my working life, than I have for a long time”.

So, there we have it. That’s our winners story. If you ever need any advice when it comes to seating, or anything else for that matter. Our highly trained sales team will be more than happy to help.

Office Seating Survey - Our Winners Story image 1

Our Winner Chris enjoying his Chiro Chair!!

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