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Office Screens Can Make a Difference

General Comments September 1st 2011

When planning the layout of an office one of the last things that people think about is the partitoning or offices screens. It seems that in today’s commercial environment, open plan offices are becoming increasingly popular, however not all employees feel that this is the best way to go. The most important thing most businesses is to keep your employees happy, so with this in mind it is worth considering how best to separate your office.

By splitting the office into separate sections, you can clearly define the different teams in the office and help the people within them to communicate better. From an employee’s perspective it will help productivity as there are fewer distractions around them.

The use of office screens or office partitions, can add privacy to the individual. Some people do not want to be on show to the organisation all the time. As well as this, making an office smaller by using partitions can help heat up or cool down the area quicker and easier create a more amicable area for the employee.

In a lot of businesses departments change and grow, so it is worth thinking about office screens that can move. For instance, desktop screens can be easily mounted on one desk and then removed just as easily and put onto another on. The benefit of this is that you can move round the configurations of the desk to suit your needs and can be done without having to spend money on moving built in partitions. The same can be said for freestanding screens.

Even though screens are not acoustically treated to block out sound completely, they do block out some sound naturally as they are raised above head height when employees are sitting at their office chairs. This makes it easier employees to concentrate, which directly relates to thir productivity.

Another reason for screens is for aesthetics. When a client or visitor steps into an office if they see that it is cluttered and there are wires everywhere, this gives off a bad impression. Screens can help with cable management, keeping wires separate to each of the desks.

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