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Office Pods are the Way Forward

General Comments, New Products March 27th 2012

In this day and age office design is changing. The walls are being knocked down that were once boundaries between management and employees to make way for open plan offices. Open plan offices are becoming increasingly more and more popular as more and more companies are finding that better communication often increases productivity in the workplace. This is not the only reason for the popularity increase of open plan offices as there are other benefits. These include the larger spaces and the fact that there is better room for expansion and reconfiguration of the office furniture.

There are some drawbacks to having a large open office and one of the main draw backs is that there is a large amount of noise. This can be partially supressed by the addition of acoustic screens and other acoustically treated office furniture items that are available from companies like BuzziSpace, however there will always be a need for separate rooms to conduct meetings etc… and this is where the idea of office pods come into play.

Freestanding office pods are a great way of creating a separate room within the office without spending a fortune on installing fixed partitions. Some office pods even come with acoustically treated screens that can block out noise when in a busy and loud environment so meetings can be conducted in relative privacy and quietly.

Nowadays, small businesses are developing faster than ever before so the need for reconfiguration and expansion within the office has never been so great. Another reason for office screens and office pods is that these can be easily taken down and moved around the office to suit the company's requirements. Break out areas can also be created using office pods, which is important to note when purchasing office furniture for your office.

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