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Office Plants – A Great Addition to Your Office

General Comments September 8th 2011

Anyone who keeps or has house plants knows the benefits of them. They firstly brighten up the area providing natural colour and can be provide a stress release in an environment. Not only this but they can produce oxygen that can freshen the air in a stale environment and can eliminate nasty toxins from the air that may or may not cause us harm. You can be forgiven in assuming that plants are everywhere in offices, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Usually there are two types of plants in an office. The first are the fake ones that although are aesthetically pleasing, do nothing to help the air circulation. The second tend to be ones with brown leaves that have been left to die in the corner or on top of a storage unit or filing cabinet. With this in mid, there are ways that with a little forethought and care, you can find the right plants that will increase the look of your office and even improve your health in some cases.

The first and probably most important thing to think about when placing a plant in an office is the natural light it will be able to receive. If this is a problem, there are plants that can survive in low light conditions and some can even benefit from fluorescent lights in the office. Although if you can, try placing the plants near a window, either on top of the desk or cabinet or on the floor.

Remember that a plant needs care so when choosing your plants; think about how much time you are going to be able to devote to the plant as some will need more care than others.

Make sure that you choose plants that suit your needs. For example do you want to remove carbon dioxide from the air or do you want to give a morale boost to your employees? Placing individual plants on the office desks of you employees may help their stress levels, but can prove expensive if the employees don’t look after them properly.

To conclude, it is a good idea to spruce up your office however make sure you think about it properly before spending your money.

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