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Office Hoteling

General Comments May 21st 2012

It is VERY important, no matter what sort of industry you are in, that your business looks professional to your clients. When clients enter your office, first impressions are key to the success with the client and it is important to remember that you will never get them back. Clients want to see a professional office as it can give an insight into how they will be managed by you. They want to see a company that is able to manage transactions well, time and are organised and an office with high end office furniture and a warm décor can help no end.

In this day and age, telecommuting and home office working is on the increase, so there is a need for companies to offer office hoteling. Office hoteling is similar to hot desking, however unassigned offices that are often kitted out fully with office furniture, office chairs, office desks and office storage are used instead of a single hot desk.

The benefits of this are seemingly obvious. Firstly small businesses are able to book in meetings that they have with potential clients/suppliers and treat them to a professionally furnished room to make them feel at ease. Another advantage of booking these as-need office rooms is the amount of money and space saving for an enterprise. By cutting the amount of money spent on renting an office space and fitting it out with office furniture whether it be economy office furniture or designer furniture, an be the vital saving that keeps many small businesses from going into administration.

Not only this but there is also another saving, often for the individual, and that is the time (and money) spent on travelling. It is very rare that small companies need to have meetings every day, so if this is the case, why bother coming into work every day when you can work from home?

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