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Office Furniture with a Nature Theme

30th April 2012

A recent survey that was undertaken by Ambius, a firm that specialises in developing buildings through planting, have revealed that many workers can improve not only their productivity at work, but also their health, through getting closer to nature.

By saying this, I don’t mean camping in the woods or anything like that but a lot of office workers choose to eat their lunch at their office desk and do not get out and connect with the environment around them. Results previously from other studies have also revealed that it only takes around 5 minutes exposure to nature to have a beneficial effect to their health.

Office furniture that has a more natural theme can help employee’s engagement to everyday tasks. A poor quality décor and plain office furniture can have a negative effect on employees as we already know and the higher end office furniture can actually reduce stress levels.

Employees should be encouraged to take regular breaks away from their office chair and office desk and go for a five minute walk. This has many beneficial effects, for example not only can a brief walk help you to clear your head, but also helps the circulation of blood around the body. This can help to improve productivity and also help to reduce the risk of injury whilst working on your office chair.

So the advice is that if you are planning to refurbish your office, then perhaps it might be a good idea to start by looking into furniture that can give a more nature orientated theme. Also encourage your staff to take regular breaks. By buying office plants and placing them throughout the office, you can greatly increase your company’s morale among staff and help keep a productive and happy environment.

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