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Office Furniture in Pop Culture

Industry News November 26th 2011

Without realizing, throughout the day you are subjected to glimpses of some of the most stunning furniture in the world. Although your office like many others may consist of the more economical cantilever desking and standard fabric operator chairs, when you get home and switch on your television you are shown some of the most stylish furniture in the world. If any of you watch the Jonathan Ross show you may or may not have noticed his oddly shaped desk… Well as you can see from below we can supply a desk very similar. Made to order in Italy the Goggle desk is a 4 piece desk available in 14 different colour combinations it also has a matching credenza unit available.

Office Furniture in Pop Culture image 1

Office Furniture in Pop Culture image 2

Glitzy chat shows aren’t where it ends though. The next example comes from an advert for a popular fruit flavoured drink. It shows a scotch egg sat on a replica version of the classical Eames office Chair. So classical we have an entire section of our website designated to Eames Style Chairs.

Now how many people noticed this? I only did because I see them on our website day in, day out. Why would people go through the effort to put an Eames Style chair in an advert instead of a run of the mill office chair? Perhaps a salute to the timeless design of the Eames Style chairs? We offer several different replica versions ranging from £89.00 to £265.00. You may say “£265.00 for a replica!” Well an original would set you back over £3000 and make you wait take around 3 months to receive. What we bring you from stock is superb replicas at a fraction of the price of the originals. These chairs are extremely popular, even with people that don’t know the roots of its styling. They look great in any executive office or around any of the boardroom tables.

As well as these two examples we have much more designer office furniture for you to choose from- All of which is superbly priced and much of it is held in stock.

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