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Office Design, Where does it End?

General Comments May 18th 2012

In recent years the importance of aesthetics in an office has grown tremendously. The reason for this is mainly down to the fact that having an eye catching office or one that is professional and modern, helps to increase staff morale. Buying high end office furniture and ergonomic furniture including ergonomic chairs gives the staff a sense of pride for the place that they work and in turn increases their morale.

Office design, in my opinion, is getting further and further away from tradition and more personalised as companies aren’t conforming to the grey walls and economy furniture that was in previous years the normal. It is not only inside the offices though, that extravagant designs are being favoured over the usual layout, but also the buildings that contain these offices.

There are many building designs that have been built today that would have not been commissioned 50 years ago. For example, the Gherkin building, the Shard and the Bullring in Birmingham however a new China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing has set the standard for architectural design.

The CCTV building is comprised of two towers that lean towards one another and are bridged at the top and bottom to form a completely distorted loop to complete the building’s design. Designed by OMA as a reinvention of the classic skyscraper, the building began its construction in 2004 and has taken until now to be completed. The building can occupy approximately 473,000m2 and is home to TV studios, offices and broadcasting and production facilities amongst other things. This building is the first major building to be completed in China and by the way that there economy is progressing, it seems that this will not be the last major building in Beijing, the countries capital city.

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