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Office Design – Red Bull Headquarters

General Comments April 3rd 2012

Architects and designers know the importance of this and some taking an unorthodox approach to office design for example the Red Bull headquarters in North Amsterdam.

Sid Lee Architecture was commissioned by Red Bull to design the new office space. The brief they were given was to create an area that was “rebellious” and unique, but still keeping the area artistic and eye catching. The project manager from the Montreal based architectural company claimed “We wanted to create stand-alone architectural pieces that not only represent the site but also express the essence of the Red Bull brand”.

The company Red Bull originally started out life selling energy drinks; however the Red Bull name has grown way beyond the world of beverages, into extreme sports, to create a brand that was one of a kind.

It is for this reason that Sid Lee wanted to incorporate this into their extreme sports background into the design. The décor itself has been described as being a unique blend of architecture with urban roots. Constructed from black metal and plywood, the idea was to create roughly edged walls to mimic skateboard ramps and other extreme sports fixtures. The area has also been designed with large open rest areas to further add to the offices aesthetics

.Office Design - Red Bull Headquarters image 1

Office Design - Red Bull Headquarters image 2

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