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Office Design is Changing

General Comments August 28th 2012

Looking around at the modern offices that are being used today, you can see a remarkable change in the style and layout of the offices and their contents. For example, the old cubicle style offices have been nearly all abolished as companies are leaning towards open plan offices to help encourage collaboration, productivity and morale among staff.

Glass is used more and more in the modern offices, as glass allows a lot more natural light to pass through and creates a lighter and more vibrant atmosphere. Also with the increasing concern for our environment continues to grow into a more serious concern, glass seems to be the preferred choice as companies want to not use as much electric light.

Office furniture is changing as well. Firstly there is a noticeable increase in the amount of green office furniture being used. Architects and designers are using furniture that has only been manufactured less than 500 miles away, to cut down on transport costs that will ultimately affect their carbon footprint.

Ergonomics is a word that is being used more and more within office environments and also within the office furniture industry. Research is suggesting that we work longer hours than before and are becoming increasingly more and more prone to work related injuries. The problem then lies with the fact that there are more sick days being taken and the morale of staff is seemingly dropping. Ergonomic office chairs are being introduced to more and more offices as even though they may be more expensive than regular swivel chairs, they offer a more comfortable and healthy seated position for the user. It is not only office chairs that are becoming ergonomic, office desks, laptop stands, computer arms, CPU holders are all ergonomic products that have been designed with the users health in mind.

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