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Office Depot Recalls Office Chair Due to Pinch Hazard

Industry News August 31st 2011

Office depot has been forced to reclaim all the units sold in America and Canada of an office chair that apparently causes a pinch hazard. The office chair in question is the Realspace Pro 3000 series, of which approximately sold 34,000 units in America and 425 in Canada between May 2009 and June 2011.

The report came on August 18th when a consumer was injured when his finger was caught in the chair’s tilt mechanism. This maybe health and safety gone mad as there are loads of products on the market, not just within office furniture that can cause you to pinch your finger, however when sitting at your chair and attempt to adjust the tilt, 99% of the time, you don’t look at the mechanism, just feel where it is and adjust it.

Office Depot are the exclusive dealer of this chair and this recall could cause a devastating blow to the business, as this chair has now been illegal to resell this product.

The chair apparently has a small gap in the mechanism small enough for a finger to fit and when sitting back on the chair to adjust its tilt, slowly closes causing a pinch effect on that persons finger. Leaning back to hard, whilst not knowing the finger is trapped can cause the finger to break in extreme circumstances.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission alongside Health Canada have urged all members of the public to call Office Depot if they have this chair and are also very much interested to find out if thee any reports of other injuries sustained when using this chair, whether it be using the mechanism or any other parts of the desk chair.

It is hard to make a clear judgement as to whether this is a rather drastic and unnecessary move by the Commission, however if this does prevent any further injuries, surely this recall is justified.

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