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What’s Available to You When Redesigning Your Office

31st January 2012

When redesign your office space or refurbishing the whole area from scratch, there are a huge amount of work and time to be put in. You need to take into account how many people you need to provide desking for and make sure that you take into account whether you think the business is likely to expand in the next few years. Not only this but you need to think about the layout of the office desks and make sure that you provide enough space for the office chairs to be easily mobile and that the whole area is comfortable to work in.

Next you need to think about efficiency and productivity. It might be worth separating certain areas off with free standing office screens to designate specific areas that teams can work in. Also you want desktop screens that will help to provide a small amount of privacy for people that work on those desk configurations.

Office storage is another major player and key factor when redesigning your office space. Make sure that there is ample storage available, however that it is laid out in such away so that you save as much space as possible as floor space in an office can be very expensive. Invest in storage wall solutions for your office as these units stretch from the floor to the ceiling and provide a higher capacity of storage per metre of floor space than the average tambour cupboard. Now you can think about the office accessories.

There are a few office accessories that are essential for use in the office and these include clocks, lights and desk lamps, water coolers and monitor stands and mouse mats. Other optional accessories include coat stands, office plants, foot rests, artwork for the walls and floor mats.

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