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New Material in the Commercial Desking Market?

18th November 2011

MFC has been the preferred choice in desk manufacturing for decades. Obviously there are other materials that are used to make desktops, such as glass; however it is MFC, laminates and melamine that leads this market in the office furniture industry.

There is now a material that even though has been around for a while, used predominantly for hard floors in both the domestic and commercial market, that is gradually making a name for itself in the office furniture world. The material that I am talking about is Linoleum.

Linoleum is a natural material that is made from combining linseed oil, cork, pine rosin, wood flour plus mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate. As previously mentioned Linoleum has mainly been used in the flooring industry as it is incredibly hard wearing, a completely organic material and has the ability to repair itself if small scratches occur. Being completely natural it has often been favored over PVC and many other synthetic flooring materials.

Linoleum has also been favorable amongst schools and colleges for its durability, but it has only been recently that perhaps this material could be used in other aspects as well as flooring. A company called FUMAC have taken this material and decided to use it as a desktop, and why not? It is durable, hard wearing, has a 30-40 year lifespan and with its ability to “self-heal” when small scratches occur; it seems like the perfect solution. Not only this, the material is warm to the touch, noise reducing and antibacterial so ideal for use in the public sector.

In my opinion I think that a change is needed. I think that MFC and laminates have and still do an excellent job, but just for a change, maybe it’s about time that we see a change in the desks we sit at not for functionality but purely from a creative and aesthetical point of view. Below are some pictures of these desks:

Anthracite FAZETAnthracite SWITCH


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