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Moving Office or Refurbishing? What to Do

General Comments October 14th 2011

This is a question that can make or break a business. In this economic climate it can be a decision that can prove vital to your businesses survival. If you do decide to move, you might be able to find somewhere that is cheaper, maybe already be supplied with offices desks and office chairs or perhaps has more office space than you previously had.

Below are a few points that you should consider when trying to make this important decision, they have been arranged in positives and negatives.

Advantages of moving offices

  • · The new environment can help to increase productivity and morale amongst the staff
  • · It is easier to down/up size as usually offices can be inflexible
  • · Possible rental incentives from the new landlord and possibly a lease that might be more suited to your type of business

Disadvantages of moving offices

  • · The cost of moving can be very expensive and additional costs such as legal fees need to be taken into account
  • · An office move can distract from day to day proceedings
  • · Dilapidations should be taken into account also

Advantages to refurbishing

  • · Usually less expensive
  • · No extra migration fees
  • · New office furniture can boost morale, e.g., new storage options, desks, workstations etc…
  • · Great way to re organise your existing space and could lead to potentially sub-letting any free space

Disadvantages to refurbishing

  • · Generally disruptive as the refurbishment takes place during office hours
  • · Can turn out to be quite expensive if the new office configuration turns out to be more complex
  • · You may not be able to re-negotiate better terms with the landlord

In either of these cases, you will most likely need to upgrade your furniture. This can be one of the most expensive aspects of the refurbishment/move. Office Reality offers furniture of high quality yet at affordable prices, so whatever you decide it is worth taking a look.

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