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Move over Sway Stool There’s a New Contender – The Belize Stool

New Products February 8th 2012

In previous blogs I have talked about the Sway stool and comparing it to the Muvman stool. The idea of these stools is that you do not sit on them like normal office stools as they actually move towards you. The reason that they do this is so that you can lean and still feel the benefit of a good posture whilst at work or conversing with a colleague.

We spend a lot of our time sitting down, it’s a fact. It is not just at work that we choose to sit, it’s at home, down the pub, in cafes etc… and with the average size of person increasing, who can blame us, standing all day can be strenuous. The reason that this stool is beneficial to us is that it bends towards us allowing the user to lean on it and alleviating the weight on our legs but allowing the user to maintain an ergonomic position.

The reason that these types of office chairs or office stools are becoming more and more popular is that they are extremely versatile. These can be used as café stools, bar and bistro furniture as well as office furniture.

The seat is mounted on a single height adjustable column with a large round base that provides support and stability for the user. The stool remains in the upright position, when not in use and requires weight from a person to initiate the stools “leaning” function.

There are other stools like this on the market including the Muvman stool and the Sway stool, however having tested all three, we at Online Reality feel that the Belize is the ideal stool for its ergonomic value. It is comfortable, has a large round base that can support people of all sizes (comparing to the Sway stools small base) and is very durable. For more information and to purchase the product click here.

Move over Sway Stool There’s a New Contender – The Belize Stool image 1Move over Sway Stool There’s a New Contender – The Belize Stool image 2

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