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Man Throws Office Furniture Out of 10th Floor

30th November 2011

Tuesday 23rd November at approximately 7:20pm a crazed man entered the Castlemead office block in Bristol. Unaware of his presence, the staff that were working late, were forced to leave their desks and exit the building as the sound of the fire alarm rang throughout the 17 storey high office block.

Somehow managing to sneak past security the man entered the 10th floor home to Equiniti, a financial, a financial investment group and ran amok, smashing windows computers, setting off fire extinguishers etc… Not being content with this he then began to hurl office furniture including an office desk, office chair, printers, computers etc… out the window, onto spectators down below. Much of the debris hit the canopy of the building that covers the reception area; however some made it onto the roof of the Castlemead terrace café with some even making it to the ground itself.

It appears that the suspect in question was able to enter the building while staff were making their way down the stairs to exit the building. It is currently not known why this enraged man chose the tenth floor as speculation suggests that he might be an ex worker for Equiniti.

After being interviewed on the subject Equiniti released a statement saying "Based on the information that has been made available to us, we do not believe this is a current or former employee of Equiniti Group.”

A 49 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of burglary after he was restrained by a security guard and fireman. He has been released on bail however the investigation continues as to why the office block was attacked and office furniture including a couple of swivel chairs and an office desk was thrown out of the window with the seemingly obvious intent to harm other people.


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