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Advantages of Looking Your Best in an Office

General Comments September 12th 2011

Studies show that if you dress well, are better looking and the slimmer you are means that generally you will get paid more and promoted faster. When thinking long term at your career this can all add up.

A good first impression is always key when in an interview or starting a job for the first time. Within 30 seconds whether you like it or not, you will be judged and these perceptions tend to stick. Unfortunately you will not be able to go back in time and redo this. Promotions generally tend to be on how you are perceived within the office. Of course how good you are at your job is one factor, however your physical appearance is actually more important than you might think.

Weight is a tough issue for most people nowadays and even in this day and age where we shouldn’t cast such prejudices, however the world is not perfect. Overweight individuals are considered to be less productive and lazier than their slimmer colleagues, a stigmatism that is still around today.

There are some ways in which you can help yourself look your best, no matter who you are.

The first is a healthy diet. This is the easiest way to enhance your whole appearance as it will give you long term benefits such as healthy looking skin as well as giving you more energy to be productive when at your office desk or workstation.

Wearing the right clothes that fit will also help you. The quality of them is also important as they will last. Depending on who you are depends on the type of clothes or style that will suit you but it is always important to look smart and presentable.

Always eat before work. This is important as you need to show that you are a productive employee, not one that can only get up to speed in the afternoons.

Make sure you drink a lot of water. Most people do not actually drink their daily recommended allowance of water. If you are dehydrated you can lose concentration a lot more quickly. As well as this it can help hydrate your skin and is also in abundance, so it is worth getting up from your operator chair to visit the water cooler.

Keeping active during the day can help with your circulation and as written in my previous blogs it is important to exercise when working at your office desk for long periods of time. So instead of spending your lunch breaks in the canteen or sat at a café table take a walk instead.

Finally a good night’s sleep is very important as it gives your body a chance to recover from the day’s activities. It is recommended that you get between 7-8 hours a night to keep your body at its best.

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