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Lighting is Important in an Office

General Comments December 12th 2011

It is a fact that more and more people are opting to work from home as it can be beneficial to not only the employee but the employer as well. Not only this, but it also seems that home offices are becoming increasingly popular as children are using computers for homework, as well as the family using the internet. It is for this reason that you should take some thought into how you set up your home office furniture, what type of office desks and office chairs you are going to use and not only this but the lighting as well.

Lighting is a very important part of a room; especially when working on the computer as bad lighting can influence productivity and fatigue levels. If you have too much light or not enough, you will be likely to strain your eyes and cause you to get more tired. There are 3 different types of lighting and are explained below. These apply to both domestic and commercial areas.

· Ambient lighting – This is the general lighting that you will find in any environment.

· Task lighting – This is lighting that has been made for reading or writing such as a desk lamp.

· Accent lighting – This type of lighting is used more for decoration and to highlight artwork.

The idea of lighting in a home office is to eliminate contrasts around the room. An typical example can refer to your monitor screen. The computer monitor will always produce light from the screen and if the light behind the screen is too dim, this will cause a contrast between the light and darkness causing your eyes to strain. This, overtime can have a negative impact on your productivity.

The colour of your office furniture or home office furniture can also impact your productivity also if the incorrect lighting is applied. If you have a white desk, cream leather executive chair or if the overall décor of the area is quite light, then you will need low density lighting. Alternatively, if you have dark furniture such as a dark oak finished desk or a black faux leather chair then you should incorporate high density lighting as dark colours tend to absorb light.

One thing that you should consider is where you place your desk lamp if you have one. If you are right handed then you should place your lamp on the left hand side of the deks so the shaodows from your arm do not fall across the page and vice versa.

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