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What Effects the Harmony of an Office?

15th November 2011

As outlined in the title, it is not just about the chairs ergonomics that help to create a more productive office. Obviously the chairs need to be comfortable in order to help this; however one thing that becomes apparent in the office is the office politics. It seems that the office is a unique strange environment. What I mean by that is that people can almost become a different person then they are when they are not working. It can bring out the worst in people as egos tend to unravel as there is a constant feeling of not only competition for the next promotion, but even resentment over small petty things like the position of an office desk.

A book written by Joshua Ferris outlines this perfectly. The book tells the story of an advertisement agency that faced redundancies at the end of the 90’s. Arguments occurred over the best office chair in the office. This symbolised the workers status within the office and can be transferred to offices around the country as jealousy can arise as people can think favouritism is occurring when someone clearly has a better, more expensive chair. The solution is obvious and that is to make sure that everyone in the office has the same chair. This will eliminate the need for any jealousy.

The environment in which we work, particularly in the office can really have an impact on our overall motivation, positivity and morale. We spend a huge amount of time in our chair and if it is uncomfortable, uneven or even ugly, resentment can arise if someone is using a better one than his/her colleagues. It can also be the positioning in the office that can cause friction. Placing someone next to the toilet and another person next to a window with a view can cause the start of a brewing hatred. Something’s like this cannot be helped but in the current climate where the redundancy rate is high, it is important that you keep an eye on the morale of your staff.

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