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It’s All About Ergonomic Design - The Nethrone

18th August 2011

There are various different products within the Nethrone range but the one that claims to have perhaps solved the problem with ergonomically designed chairs is the Nethrone Classic.  The chair is entirely adjustable to suit the size and shape of its user and relieves back stress by keeping the owner in the reclining position. The keyboard and screen that is attached to the chair automatically adjusts to as the seat moves, which ensures that your neck, back, arms and wrists will always be at the best angle. The chair also includes a remote control that enables you to control a wide variety of functions some of which include screen height and tilt, chair recline and a massage setting to name a few.

The Nethrone was originally designed for gamers and was unveiled in 2006, but its functionality and ergonomic properties saw that it had potential for commercial use. As it stands today, the chair is not use in the common office environment partly due to the price and perhaps partly due to the look of the chair. However with the way that technology is going, we may very see these or this type of workstation being used in offices across the country.


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