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Is There Such a Thing as “Office Syndrome”

General Comments March 19th 2012

It seems that offices all over the world are the same, meaning that they all have staff that sit behind a computer monitor and lead emotional lifestyles. I cannot be easy to sit in front of an office screen all day, barely move or exercise, sit in a stuffy and noisy environment and be constantly subjected to electrostatic radiation, all of this and then the added stress of having to meet your deadlines. It seems that the health problems that office employees all across the world face are the same.

Such problems include scoliosis and radiculitis, poor eyesight, depression and many more, which is why experts have labelled these problems and grouped them under “office syndrome”. The problem is that when staff becomes victim of the syndrome, it has a negative impact on their health and will reduce their efficiency and productivity.

Employers should really take a look at their staff’s morale and if they want their business to develop, their happiness should become a priority. Giving staff regular breaks, and keeping the office under hygienic conditions is one way, but office furniture should also be taken into consideration.

Office furniture has a larger impact on mood and morale than you might typically expect. Aesthetics are important when considering your office as studies show that employees respond and work better in a more aesthetically pleasing or professional office. Buying office furniture such as office desks, bench desks, office storage and office chairs that match the look that you’re going for is a great way to start.

Make sure that you provide your employees with comfortable and ergonomic seating and the benefit you get back will far out way the difference between that chair and a budget chair. This will definitely help you in the long run.

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