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Ipad 3 – The Next Generation

New Products March 8th 2012

Yesterday saw the release of Apple’s latest creation, the updated iPad 3. While most most people already had heard rumours last week of this release due to leaks on the internet, these rumours were laid to rest yesterday.

There are a wide range of new features available on the newest of Apple’s technological formulation and including the connection to the new 4G speedy mobile networks. Included in this is a high definition screen, voice dictation and a significantly better camera. All of this is priced the same as the Ipad 2.

It was Tim Cook, the new chief executive that revealed the third tablet yesterday, whose performance will undoubtedly be compared to the late company founder Steve Jobs.

A bold statement said by Mr Cook “We think that iPad is the poster child of the post-PC world” was not unlike the previous statements by Steve Jobs himself.

The invention of the new 4G network sees only the country of Australia not being able to connect yet.

The most notable upgrade to Apples new invention is the 9.7 inch screen which now features double the resolution as seen on the iPhone 4. It is said that the mega pixels are indiscernible to the naked eye.

It seems that with all this new technology, this could have a remarkable effect on the office industry. We could see these on office desks up and down the country and with the invention of the 4G mobile network we could see great advances in wireless technology and more flexible working hours as office workers will not be bound to their desks.

iPads have always been a great tool for professionals to give presentations to potential clients, around the boardroom table and now with its faster connection speed and clearer clients will be dazzled by the professionalism.

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