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How to Make Your Office Area Ergonomic

General Comments January 25th 2012

Work related injuries are on the rise as more and more people are choosing to work in an office, sit for long hours in an office chair that is usually uncomfortable and not fully adjustable. Ergonomic furniture is designed for safety and efficiency for people that work long hours and is essential for protecting physical health at work. If you don’t sit in your office swivel chair correctly or at your office desk, then you are likely to develop serious back pain. Having ergonomic furniture can seriously reduce this risk.

The first thing that you need to do is to get a fully adjustable swivel chair that is easy and to adjust. You need to make sure that the height enables your feet to be laid flat on the floor and the armrest of the chair should be set up for maximum comfort. Padding is also a very key to comfort, so make sure you have adequate padding. The armrest should be placed in such a way that it allows your shoulders to relax.

The back of the chair should follow the curve of your spine. The reason for this is that this keeps your back at the optimum shape for comfort and your backs health. Pay specific attention to your lumbar region as this supports the area of your back between your rib cage and your pelvis.

Having the right desk is also important as having the wrong desk size can lead to unwanted stress on your body. Your office desk needs to be long enough to house your computer equipment without putting strain on your eyes.

Make sure that when you are working, you let yourself have frequent breaks. The body was not designed to be in the same position constantly. The body needs to be moved around to increase blood flow to the major organs.

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