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How to Ease the Stress Levels in Your Office

2nd November 2012

We know that stress levels play an influential role in the day to day flow of the running of your office. It is therefore important that you monitor these levels by looking at the morale and productivity of your office as well as trying to ease the pressure and stress on your employees. Below are some ideas in how to make your office a less stressful and more pleasant place to work.

An immediate change that you can do straight away is to look at the décor and overall aesthetics of your office. Ask yourself firstly, “is this a place that I would choose to work?”. You don’t have to spend a small fortune in an office refurbishment, but you want to make sure that there is plenty of light, natural light preferably and try and give your employees enough space, rather than cramping them in as tight as possible.

Investing in new office desks and chairs, particularly ergonomic chairs is a quick way to not only increase the aesthetics of the office but your employees will undoubtedly feel a lot happier with a change of their working space.

Introducing casual days during a week or month, may seem like a poor way of boosting the morale in the office, but it really isn’t. This may not always be possible, as you may have an office that requires all the employees to wear a uniform.

Look at the existing teams that you have in an office or try to create some. You may find that certain people do not work well together, be it the skills that they have or for personal reasons.  This is not only detrimental to the levels of stress in the office, but also to your business as you may not be realising the full company’s full productivity potential.

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