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How to Increase Our Happiness at Work

General Comments August 3rd 2011

It becomes apparent that things need to change when you start finding yourself annoyed at some of the simplest things that have been a constant in your daily working routine. It may be that you begin to hate your workstation, even though it has been there for ten years and maybe perfectly suitable for your needs, you begin to become irritated even if you don’t know why. It might be an office screen that has been there longer than you have annoys you because it blocks a small area in the corner of the window. These are often issues that are deeper than you might think and the time for the change is now.

It is hard in this day and age and with the recession to just get up and leave your job as there are so little jobs available. Dwelling on this will not help the situation, so in order to help your mental state you have to look forward and try some positive changes that are within your reach. If you embrace this and try and think of things that you can do, however small, that might help you to not dread coming to work as much, you will find that the office screen the other side of the room won’t be as irritating as you thought it was.

Just to give a couple of examples, why not try changing the layout of your desk every week to add some variety to the mundane routine that you might have. Perhaps personalising your desk, within reason, might make you feel less like you’re at the office and make you feel more relaxed. Maybe changing the route you take to work might have a positive effect? Everyone is different, but the key to feeling better at work is trying to break the routine that you have built up and loathe because as we all know, variety is the spice of life!

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