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How Best to Look After Your Wooden Office Furniture

General Comments September 6th 2011

Office furniture is not cheap, even if you opt for buying discount or economy office furniture. It is for this reason that it is in your best interest to try and maintain the furniture’s condition for as long as possible so that it will keep for as long as possible.

It may seem obvious, but wooden furniture, such as solid wood office desks and workstations are made from carefully dried wood. The wood does however keep a minute level of moisture to keep the wood at its optimum state of durability. One of the biggest causes in wood deprivation is the change in weather. Even though it may not rain in your office, the humidity does change from day to day. The wood when in humid conditions tends to absorb the moisture from the air and in dry conditions, tends to lose moisture and cause the wood to shrink. This mainly occurs in solid wood or veneer desks; however over time it can happen to any wooden furniture. If you feel strongly about this and have a particularly humid office, then a dehumidifier is essential.

To further maintain the furniture it is advised that you keep them away from radiators or other appliances that emit heat as, like metal, wood tends to expand and contract which can eventually lead to cracks in the surface. It is also recommended that you keep the wood away from direct sunlight.

There are other ways of maintaining your furniture and most manufacturers will be happy to advise you on how to do so with a particular product of theirs. Dusting is also essential as it keeps abrasive particles away from the wood’s surface. It is best to use non-alkaline cleaners on the wood as the alkaline cleaners will cause damage over time.

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