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High Back Sofas are Back in Fashion

General Comments June 14th 2012

It used to be that high back sofas were extremely popular in country manor homes. You can picture a fireplace lit with high back sofas and chairs being pulled next to the fire. This is an image that I am sure that many people can envisage.

There has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of high back sofas, however this increase in popularity is not in the domestic market but in the commercial furniture market. More and more office furniture manufacturers are producing high back sofas for use in reception areas as well as break out areas, but for what reason?

It is common knowledge that open offices are becoming the layout of choice for many companies. There are few reasons for this layout choice the first being productivity. Office desks are placed together and sometimes bench systems can be used to create combinations of desks that encourage employees to work together.

Another reason for this change is that it is more cost effective to have an open plan office with regards to saving space, however, particularly in a developing business, it is easier and cheaper to reconfigure the office layout, if need be.

The open plan office structure has its drawbacks; chiefly that privacy is kept to a minimum. It is for this reason therefore that high back sofas and high back unit sofas are becoming more and more popular as break out furniture because they can be placed together to create an area of the office that is comfortable as well as being private.

It is not only break out areas that make use of high back sofas. Companies are beginning to use this type of office furniture to create small meeting areas to host meetings instead of having a room. The advantage of this is that a comfortable and informal area is created to aid the productivity of the meeting.

Below are some examples of commercial high back sofas:

High Back Sofas are Back in Fashion image 1

High Back Sofas are Back in Fashion image 2

High Back Sofas are Back in Fashion image 3

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